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HH Dalai Lama plans on retiring from politics

He’s been saying it for years that he would eventually retire, but it’s going to be a complete shock for many that the time has finally come.

His Holiness the Dalai Lama announced that he will be making a request to the Tibetan parliament in exile to change the constitution so he can step down, and it’ll probably be approved within a couple of days.

He’s one of the few political leaders, where over time, people don’t get tired of him or find more flaws in him the longer he is covered by the media. Instead, people end up liking him more. He’s also one of the few political leaders where the people he’s leading are begging him not to step down.

Personally, I always looked up to what he did after he won the Noble Peace Prize in 1989. He said he was just a simple monk, and then gave all the money away to charity. I suppose that’s what an enlightened being does when you give him a lot of money, he laughs and gives it away.

Despite retiring, I’m sure he’ll still be politically present in one way or another. He recently described the political activities going on in the Middle East as “remarkable non-violent struggles for freedom and democracy.”

In July, he’ll be giving the Kalachakra empowerment for World Peace in Washington DC, so I think  he’ll always be praying for everyone.


Dalai Lama Announcing His Plans to Retire Within Days

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