The Dalai Lama will be in Sweden on April 15 in and April 16, talking about compassion, human rights and the environment. On April 16, 1:45 PM Swedish time, it will be broadcasted live over the internet. Go to this link to watch it live when it plays.

This is the following living streaming schedule across the world:

April 16, 2011

Sweden 1:45 PM
London 12:45 PM
Tokyo 8:45 PM
Pacific Standard (US) 4:45 AM
Central Time(US) 6:45 AM
Eastern Time (US) 7:45 AM

Ask His Holiness a Question

You can submit a question to HH Dalai Lama through this form. If it’s selected, he’ll answer it live. Here is the link.

Langauges For the Event

The talk and Q&A will be in English, the introductory speeches will be in English and Swedish, and the songs will probably be in Swedish.

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