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I’ve been recently following a blog called A Year of Living Wisely. It’s written by Angela, who is blogging about her life as she spends a year listening to Zen Podcasts. She also happens to travel a lot, and it got me thinking.

Podcasts and audio that can be loaded onto an iPod is a great resource for people who are traveling overseas, are really busy, or who might not have access to a Dharma center. I have hundreds of hours of teachings on my iPod that I walk around with everyday, and I’ve benefitted from this tremendously.

Here is a listing of some online resources that might be helpful.


Zencast – This is actually what Angela is following this year. You could follow the podcast, and join her along on her blog.

Unfettered Mind – Run by Ken McCleod, who started practicing with Kalu Rinpoche in the 1970’s, during which time he completed 2 traditional 3-year retreats. He’s a translator and Dharma teacher in Los Angeles. Unfettered Mind is aimed at those people who want to practice, but aren’t affiliated with a center.

MP3 Archives

Jamyang Buddhist Center, London Jamyang has been providing Dharma for over 30 years, and has a vast library of MP3s. The resident teacher is Geshe Tashi, who accompanied HH Dalai Lama this summer during his European tour.

For those that really like to study Tibetan styled Buddhist philosophy, I would recommend looking into the years of audio recordings with Venerable Gelong Namgyal Wangchen. He has months of teachings on Abhisamayalamkara (Ornament for Clear Realization) and Uttaratantra Mahayana Shastra (Buddha Nature/The Sublime Continuum), and much more.

Tse Che Ling, San Francisco – Geshe Ngawang Drakpa has been the resident teacher there for many years, and he has so many recordings. He did a year-long study on 70 Topics, which is often the preparation before studying Ornament for Clear Realization. He also did a year-long teaching on the Wheel of Sharp Weapons.

Ananda Dharma Center, San Jose – A relatively new center started by Kyabje Choden Rinpoche. Just attending teachings with Rinpoche is powerful enough. He also has two resident Geshes with him, so they’re already building a powerful audio library.

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