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vesak 2011 buddhist holy days

Vesak in Sri Lanka. Click on the photo to see the original photo blog

Vesak is a special day in Buddhism, in that it combines Buddha’s death, enlightenment, and passing away into Nirvana. Vesak varies every year, depending on where it’s celebrated and also because it’s based on different solar and lunar calendars. Here are the dates for celebrating Vesak in 2011:

  • India: May 17
  • Sri Lanka: May 17- 18
  • Malaysia: May 17
  • Japan: April 8 (they celebrate one month earlier, ever since the Meiji government adopted the solar calendar)
  • Nepal: May 17
  • China, Hong Kong, Taiwan: May 10 (Chinese Lunar Calendar)
  • South Korea: May 10
  • Tibet: June 15 (Also known as Saga Dawa, based on Tibetan Lunar Calendar)

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On May 18, 2011, there will actually be a Vesak Buddhist Film Festival, in Colombo, Sri Lanka,  which is taking entries from filmmakers from all over the world.

Who is the Buddha?

Below is a video with Ajahn Brahmali, a Norwegian  monk who is at Bodhinyana Monastery, in Australia. It’s entitlted, “Getting to Know the Buddha.”

As he states, by understanding who the Buddha was, someone gets closer to the Dharma, and increases their spiritual power.


Vesak Dates

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