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For those that missed it or were there and want to see hear the teachings again, here are the recordings for the preliminary teachings before the Kalachakra.

One of the things I love about His Holiness’ teachings are when the different Buddhist traditions recite sutras before the teachings. I had a recording of these on my iPod and I would listen to it on some mornings, and chills would run down my spine.

Day 1, the Theravadin tradition recites the Mangalam Sutra, followed by a Tibetan practitioner reciting the Heart Sutra in Sanskrit. Day 2, the Chinese Sangha recites the Heart Sutra. On the 3rd day, the Vietnamese Sangha repeats it.

In the monasteries of Vietnam, the Himalayan region, Japan, China, and Korea, they recite the Heart Sutra everyday. My teacher says in order to have the Mahayana take hold in the west, reciting the Heart Sutra everyday is important, so this has become part of my own personal practice. He joked that if you recite Heart Sutra everyday, one day you might think “what is it I’m reciting, this is strange.” When that mind comes up, just tell it to be quiet =D Many practitioners around the world, just those beginning and those highly attained are reciting this. I don’t think he suggsted we shouldn’t try to understand the sutra, but should be vigilgent of hindrances like doubt.

During these preliminary teachings prior to the Kalachakra initiation, he teaches on Togmey Sanpo’s wonderful “37 Practices of Bodhisattvas” and Kamalashila’s “Stages of Meditation – Middle Volume.”

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