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Ven Samten (Right) With Ven Chodron on Ordination Day. Click to view more photos.

Ven Samten of Sravasti Abbey talks about her experience, after 1 year of being a sramanerika (novice nun).

I actually met her a day after she took her angarika precepts. The angarika precepts is when someone takes the 8 lay precepts for life, but at the Abbey, monastics in training take them for a year. They live in the community with the precepts and do a 1 year trial period before actually ordaining. When I met her, she was freshly shaved, and I wondered if she would continue. I’ve known people who’ve tried this period, but eventually decided that this wasn’t for them.

I saw this video today and was happily surprised to see she continued. She talks about what led her towards ordination, and what causes and conditions are required to “raise a monastic.”

Click here to see photos of her ordination, which was done with the support of the Sravasti Abbey community and nuns affiliated with a Taiwanese temple.

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