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Lama Zopa Rinpoche, founder of FPMT, sent a letter last year to the monks of Sera Monastery in South India. He asked the monks to pray for the 65-66 million turkeys that will be/have been slaughtered for Thanksgiving day meals.  Even though he was pleading the monks for help, its still a very compelling letter for everyone else to read. If you want to do some of practices he requested, you can find some below, as well as the letter:

Essence of Padmaushnisha mantra/Wish Granting Wheel mantra:


The King of Prayers

The Prayer of Beginning and End 

Please Pray for Turkeys at Thanksgiving

Rinpoche sent this letter in November 2010 to all the Sangha of Sera Je Monastery asking that it be read out to all the Sangha as a dedication after they did pujas and prayers:

“Although the letter writing may not be clear, please read it slowly.

In the Southern Continent in particular, to the great Dharma king of three realms Lama Tsongkhapa’s unified pure refined gold-like teachings of sutra and tantra, not letting them degenerate through extensive hearing and contemplation, the perseverance, the extremely precious greatly kind objects of refuge – the assembly of oceans of learned Sangha community – I offer this letter of request.

I, by the name of Thubten Zopa, am making a humble request to all of you, gathered here.

Today is Thanksgiving Day in the United States of America. Thanksgiving was started over five hundred human years ago. It is celebrated by killing the bird that is known as a turkey, by so many people. This killing on this day is a bad tradition that is harmful for oneself and others.

On Thanksgiving Day over 65 to 66 million birds (turkeys) are killed for the American people to eat. If one human being gets killed, then it is shown on television and newspapers, broadcast as widely as possible, and they spend so long to analyze the reason [for it]. But when an animal dies or gets killed, it seems the recognition is that it is just food to be killed and eaten. There is no thought and recognition that the animal is a sentient being – like us human beings – who also wants happiness and does not wish for suffering. It is very sad. Over 65 to 66 million turkeys are killed.

I, on behalf of all the turkeys, request your prayers and protection.

Please pray for them. Please guide them from the lower realms.

I, representing all of them, make requests to you Sangha community upholding the teaching of Buddha, compassionately, to please help us the pitiful turkeys, who are now going through extremely terrifying fear and suffering in the lower realms. Please guide us to a buddha-field or lead us to attain birth with the eight freedoms and ten richnesses, so that from a very young age we are able to hear the precious teachings of Buddha, get ordained and meet a fully qualified Mahayana guru, thereby [causing] our body, speech and mind to never face any unpleasantness and negativities, but always find places of pleasantness and positivity, whereby we are able to enter Sera Je Monastery and train thoroughly in the principles of the common path (the three principle paths) and train in the uncommon path by receiving the four initiations that sow the seed of the four kayas thoroughly in the mental continuum [up to] and through the practice of generation stage (ripening the mind) and through the practice of completion stage (liberating the mind) and thereby attaining the resultant state of the union of holy body and mind with the precious union of seven-limb embracing, very quickly.

I, from the core of my heart make this request with vast, profound and swift prayers and dedication to actualize this.

I request the following prayers to be recited:

The Essence of Padmaushnisha mantra
The King of Prayers
The Prayer of Beginning and End 
The Pure Land Prayer

For all these please offer many lights on the altar and offer Rs 20 per Sangha [member]. May this cause all beings to attain buddhahood quickly.”

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