The Liebster Award

Recently, the blog was nominated for a Liebster Award on A Year of Living Wisely.” Originally developed in Germany, the idea behind the Liebster Award is to give attention to blogs with under 200 followers that make an effort to be inspiring and uplifting. I don’t actually know German, but the award is supposed to mean “dearest” or “beloved.” I’m a person that quietly goes about their way and practice, so in a way I like to think that the blog was nominated.

To be honest, if I were to nominate a blog for a Liebster Award, I would actually nominate Angela’s. I haven’t seen many people who write as consistently and openly as she does about her practice and her life. Since she’s already been nominated, I wanted to nominate 5 other blogs. Actually, I think  the best part of the Liebster Award is heaping some praise to others.

5 Blogs I Would Like to Nominate as “Dearest” or “Beloved”

Reflection of a Buddhist Monk: I do realize its been nominated already, but who says it can’t be twice? I’m quite fond of this blog and I’m trying to make it part of my practice to praise those that really deserve to be praised.

Dhamma Matters: One of the first blogs I’ve stumbled upon early on and that I still consistently follow, really a treasure of experience.

Wandering Dhamma: Written by a Ph.D candidate in Buddhist studies, Brooke is meditator living in Thailand. She writes very poignant articles that reflect her never-ending passion for Buddhism, both from an academic and practice view-point.

Somewhere in Dhamma: Joseph’s blog is consistent stream of surrealistic photos and interesting observations taken from his practice and life in Korea.

Jonelfernando: Jonel writes very honest posts that are constantly probing and re-examining his world views. He’s written some interesting things in a short period of time, I’m looking forward to see what else he has in store in the future.

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