Recently, the FPMT suggested that students of Lama Zopa Rinpoche should do 88 recitations of the Sublime Golden Light Sutra, and to dedicate it for his long life and long health.

Even though the idea is to do something for Rinpoche, I believe the real purpose of doing these is to benefit ourselves and others by moving forward in our own practice. When I’ve done recitations for Rinpoche in the past, I actually got “un-stuck” in practice areas that were feeling stagnant.

The sutra itself isn’t very long, a fast reader could probably do it in 2 hours. I’ve read it maybe 2-3 times, and am looking forward to reading it again. They haven’t set a timeline for when the recitations should be done by.

A copy of the sutra can be found here.

You can send your recitation tallies to:

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