For many years now, Sravasti Abbey has held a program during the summers entitled: “Exploring Monastic Life.” I have a friend that used to go there every year, and I always wondered what happened on this retreat. Recently, video recordings of their latest EML have been put on the internet, and I thought this might also interest other people.

Even if someone isn’t exploring monasticism, I think they’re a very good set of teachings in general. Specifically for myself and other lay practitioners, I found video 3 (“The Householder’s Life”) and video 14 (“Buddha’s Advice to Lay Practitioners”) to be very good.

01 EML 11′ – Buddha’s Life in the Palace

02 EML 11′ – Sangha and Sravasti Abbey History

03 EML 11′ – The Householder’s Life

04 EML 11′ – 8 Mahayana Precepts

05 EML 11′ – Buddha’s Life Continued

06 EML 11′ – Space from Sensual Pleasures

07 EML 11′ Buddha’s Awakening

08 EML 11′ – Community Life & Causality

09 EML 11′ – Women in Buddhism & Levels of Ordination

10 EML 11′ – Anger and Selflessness

11 EML 11′ – Visualizations and Buddha’s Request

12 EML 11′ – The Middle Way View

13 EML 11′ – Adapting Monastic Precepts to Culture

14 EML 11′ – Institutions & Buddha’s Advice to Lay Practitioners

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