In an earlier post, I mentioned how 10 Tibetan monastics had set themselves on fire as a way to protest Chinese occupation in Tibet. The self-immolations have increased at an even quicker pace, with 10 new cases occuring just in 2012. The self immolations now include monks, nuns, former monks and nuns, and lay people. 24 people total have set themselves on fire, with at least 10 being reported as dying.

A news tory about one of the cases of self-immolation.

A news story about a monk that has died due to severe torture after speaking out against the Chinese regime:

A video montage by Lhaksam media, entitled “We are humans.” Contains clips of some of the self-immolations and violence against protestors:

Taking Action

There are many peace marches and vigils being arranged worldwide, probably in your city. One way to provide support is by signing this petition that calls for intervention on the situation. Notable signees include: Arch Bishop Desmond Tutu, Shireen Ebadi (2003 Nobel Peace Prize Winner),Aldolfo Perez Esquivel (1980 Nobel Peace Prize Winner), Tony Avella (New York State Senator), and various influential politicans and diplomats worldwide.

Note: If you’re not able to get onto the site immediatley, please try again. I think the website is being flooded with visitors who are interested in showing support, and its likely taking up a lot of bandwith.

Again, the link:

Stand Up For Tibet

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