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For the past several years, Sravasti Abbey has been sending nuns to Taiwan to take Bhikshuni ordination (full ordination). Many traditions of Buddhism don’t have full ordination for women, and it is a hot topic of debate for many people. In one tradition, full ordination for women has thrived for thousands of years , and it happens to be in Taiwan;  its natural that many go there to have it done.

Recently. Sravasti Abbey nuns Venerable Chonyi and Jigme had their full ordination ceremony in Taiwan. In a series of videos, they reflect on what its like being at a large ceremony of 400 people who have made a commitment to practicing virtue, and the incredible amount of generosity by the lay community that is required to sponsor this multi-day event. They make an interesting point in saying that since the time of the Buddha, the lay community has played a vital role in working with the monastics in setting up thriving practice centers. People have to obtain land, clear the area by hand and begin the building process. It’s interesting to reflect that this tradition of community has been a vital piece in maintaining the Buddhist teachings for the past thousands of years.

Below are some videos of Venerable Chonyi and Jigme, reflecting on their bhikshuni ordinations.

Venerable Chonyi:

Venerable Jigme

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