Several months ago, I posted a fairly lengthy post on vegetarianism, in response to encouragements by Kechara House, a Buddhist organization in Malaysia. Sravasti Abbey, in the United States, is also doing a program called “Vegetarian From Afar.” Below is an excerpt from their website:

In October, 2009, Venerables Chodron, Tarpa, Semkye, and Jampel attended a monastic conference about the environment and global warming where we learned that the global meat industry produces more greenhouse gases than all cars, buses, trucks, and planes combined.

The Abbey has been vegetarian since its inception and we thought it would be good to encourage others to be vegetarian as well. We want to inspire and empower each other to make a noticeable difference in the world by doing something quite simple yet important. Thus we’re beginning “Vegetarian From Afar” to inspire others to reduce their meat-eating.

Those that are interested in trying out a vegetarian lifestyle for a period of time and would like to do it with the Abbey can contact them. If you’re interested, you can also send them a photo, and they’ll keep your photo on a wall next to their dining area. It’s a way for them to unite the global community and is a reminder of how many people world-wide are practicing with them.

Below is also an interview with members of Kechara House, regarding the benefits of a vegetarian diet.

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