Master Hsuan Hua declared that Dr. Wesley Woo was a bodhisattva

Bodhisattvas hold a special place among Mahayana Buddhists because of their unwavering dedication towards benefit others from one lifetime after another. One time someone asked my teacher to describe bodhisattvas. He paused for a moment, and then said “They’re the Mahayana CIA!” Afterwards, he let out a big laugh.

Recently, a practitioner in southern California, by the name of Wesley Woo, had passed away. After his cremation, they found a massive collection of relics in the ashes. In Buddhism, finding relics is symbolic of a person who has lived a virtuous life, and is often associated with bodhisattvas. His teacher, Master Hsuan Hua of City of Ten Thousand Buddhas, said that he was a bodhisattva.

To read more about this facinating individual and his life, click here.

To see the collection of relics, click here.

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