I’m very much interested in finding different ways for people to continue their Buddhist studies since a large majority of people don’t live near a Dharma center or have to travel far distances to get to one. I think one course that might be of interest to those studying from afar is the Foundation of Buddhist Thought, offered by the FPMT and developed by Geshe Tashi Tsering.

It’s a 2 year course that involves correspondence with Geshe Tashi, as well online discussion. The modules of the two year course are divided up as follows:

  1. The Four Noble Truths
  2. Relative Truth, Ultimate Truth
  3. Buddhist Psychology
  4. Awakening the Mind
  5. Emptiness
  6. Overview of Tantric Paths and Grounds

Geshe Tashi has written a series of books that correspond to this course and can be followed concurrently with it. Many FPMT centers are now also offering this course as part of their curriculum. Visiting teachers will often visit a center to talk about one of these 6 subjects, and then afterwards, the participants can digest and fill in more details in their own time.

For a video about the course, click here.

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