Recently I wrote about Chenrezig Hall, a construction project at Sravasti Abbey that will be used for many of the Abbey’s main activities. It will include rooming for 17 guests, a prayer hall, chapel, and a larger kitchen facility.

21 Million Mani Recitations

In order to help create the merit for this activity, the Abbey and its supporters have been reciting “Om mani padme hum” and have been dedicating it towards the project’s completion. The goal was to reach 21 million recitations, and through the help of people from all over the world, the goal was finally reached. Venerable Thubten Chodron, the Abbey’s abbess, gave this response below:

Supporting the Project

In addition to the recitations, the Abbey has set a goal of 2 million dollars in order to fund the construction of the hall. Currently, through the efforts and kindness of people from numerous countries, the current count is over 850,000. Throughout this entire process, construction has been ongoing simultaneously with the fundraising and mani recitation. If you would like to give dana or a donation for the construction of the hall, click here. Or if you’d like information on the Abbey or would like to visit, click here.

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