For those that have completed the Foundation in Buddhist Thought course, looking into the the Lamrim Chenmo Correspondence course might be the next step in a journey of continual study.

Lamrim Chenmo – the graduated stage stages on the path to enlightenment, is a detailed study on training the mind towards enlightenment. The correspondence course is led based off Geshi Tashi‘s series of talks from 2005-2007, and includes recordings of teachings he has given on the subject.

Course Structure

The 2 1/2 year course is divided into 7 modules, with different reading assignments, guided meditations, and esay hand ins at the conclusion of each module. The course provides discussion support among the other participants, and each person that enrolls gets a graduated student as a tutor. A copy of the syballus can be found here.

The course itself starts up once a year, with the next enrollment period occuring in May. For those that are looking for a way to continue their Buddhist education, the Lamrim Chenmo Course is a great distance alternative.

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