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His Holiness the Dalai Lama will be giving the Kalachakra initiation on July 3 -14, 2014 in Ladakh, India. It will the 33rd time he has conferred it since 1954.

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To give a background on the required qualifications of a person giving the initiation and the qualifications of someone taking the initiation, this following description is from His Holiness’ website:

Practice of the Kalachakra tantra, like all Buddhist tantric systems, is based on first receiving the proper initiations. For the initiations to be properly given and received it is necessary that both the guru and the disciple have certain qualifications. The qualifications of the Mantrayana guru are described by Losang Chökyi Gyaltsen as follows: “He should have control over his body, speech, and mind. He should be very intelligent, patient, and undeceitful. He should know the mantras and tantras, understand reality, and be competent in composing and explaining texts”. We are very fortunate that such gurus can be found even now.

The disciple should have experience of the three principal aspects of the Mahayana path: renunciation of samsara, bodhichitta, and understanding of emptiness. If the disciple has not actually experienced these, he or she should at least have intellectual familiarity with them and admiration for them.