Buddhism often mentions the 5 degenerations of the current time, or 5 conditions that are becoming worse and negatively influencing the lives of people living on this planet. These 5 degenerations are listed as:

  • Time: No lasting peace, lots of famine, and material resources are degenerating
  • Sentient beings: People having lack of tolerance, have outrageous behavior
  • Wrong views: People not believing their actions create results (i.e. nihilism)
  • Afflictions: Disturbing emotions are becoming more gross, leading to more obsessions
  • Lifespan: People’s lives are getting shorter. In our current time, this relates to having more danger due to acidents and pollution

Venerable Thubten Chodron explains these terms so that we can check our own mind, to see if we’re contributing to o the problems in the world or are making things better

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