Blindness is a common side effect of open stoves

Blindness is a common side effect of open stoves

In developing countries around the world, primitive, open fire stoves are relied on heavily to provide light in homes, provide fire for food, and give warmth during cold seasons. However, relying so heavily on these stoves also has many downsides.

Disease and Polution

Since these open fire stoves are often used in small homes with poor ventilation, they also have been known to cause pneumonia, chronic respitory illness, lung cancer, and blindness. Nearly half of the children under the age of 5 worldwide die due to diseases caused by these primitive stoves.

The environmental impact of these clean stoves also is far reaching. They amount for roughly 20% of the world’s greenhouse gases. Since the stoves are also inefficient, supplying wood to the the stoves requires constant cutting down of trees, leading to accelerated deforestation.

The Clean Stove Project

Geshe Pema Dorje has started the Clean Stove Project, to help with supplying efficient stoves to poor families in the Himalayas. One can contribute whatever one is able to, or even for the cost of $150, one can supply a family with an efficient stove.

Below is a video detailing Lama Pema Dorje’s project. Click here to learn more about his project.