Today marks the birthday of Lama Tsongkhapa, Buddhist saint and founder of the Gelug tradition of Tibetan Buddhism. He is known for his extensive commentaries on both sutric and tantric aspects of Buddhism.

For some suggestions of meritorious practices to do on this day, see Lama Zopas advice.

Here are some of his suggestions of things to recite:

  • The Praise to Lama Tsongkhapa
  • Palden Su Suma. This is a very special prayer of the glorified one of the three realms; it was highly regarded by Song Rinpoche.
  • The Songs of the Mystic Experiences of Je Rinpoche
  • The praise containing the line “My life has been meaningful.” This praise is by Lama Tsongkhapa himself, in which he says, “I studied this and my life has been made meaningful…” (Name of prayer in Tibetan: Dog chu du lä ma)