Despite constant disapproval from officials within the Chinese government, His Holiness the Dalai Lama met with President Obama, making this the third time they’ve met. The Vice-Foreign Minister of China even went as far to say about the meeting: “China expresses strong indignation and firm opposition”

Opposing Views

I have friends from China who have been told by their government that Tibetans are separatists and violent terrorists. However, the main topic of this meeting was not about Tibetan independence from China, but was emphasizing the “promotion of human values, fostering interfaith dialogue and preservation of Tibetan people’s unique culture and rich tradition. ”

Its quite interesting to see how viewpoints on this issue can vary so much between those from China and those outside of it. For many people outside of China, the Tibetan issue relates more to continual oppression of human rights. While from the perspective of some Chinese that I’ve met, they see the issue as a domestic one, and that it shouldn’t be the concern of foreign nations.

I’m hopeful that these type of meetings and dialogues will continue into the future, and the Chinese government would be willing to one day engage in and encourage open discussions, rather than trying to bully foreign governments into avoiding Tibetans.