In Chogyam Rinpoche’s documentary Crazy Wisdom, there is an interview with Traleg Kyabgon Rinpoche that originally lasted about 30 minutes. When asked about how Trungpa Rinpoche manifested things and made things happen, he began to explain how Trungpa Rinpoche practiced mahamudra in everyday life.

That really relates to the sadhana of mahamudra. The notion of really being in one’s authentic states and doing things. If someone we can bring them together, we can make things happen…

… If you really can be in yourself, and then you believe in it, things will happen, things will come into existence. He was being himself. He was in himself. That is the mahamudra way of being.Whatever he did, manifested from that state of being. So being and acting, being and doing, there was no conflict. Normally, we want to do things, but we know that “I’m not that. I am are trying to prove something. I know deep down I don’t believe in any of this kind of thing that I have to do. So I’ll do it anyway because this is what is expected of me or this is what I have to do.” But there is a huge gap between being and doing.

Bridging Daily Life and Practice

The interview with Traleg Rinpoche is about how Trungpa Rinpoche demystified Buddhism and made it practical for people not from the east. As he explains, the east was not a perfect Shangri-la, but the west also had to make adjustments in order to put the teachings into practice.