Choden Rinpoche has recently been staying in Taiwan while recovering from illness. Indications are that he is recovering well, and there has been a request for students to recite 21 Taras for his swift recovery. A copy of 21 Taras can be found here. Geshe Gyalten recently said:


Dear Students and Benefactors of Rinpoche,

Our Precious Choden Rinpoche has recovered quite well during the past few weeks. Rinpoche is currently receiving Energy-Therapy and Herbal Medicines. His most recent blood tests indicate that there is a vast improvement in his condition. We give our thanks to the Taiwanese disciples, who provided medical care and hospitality to Rinpoche.

Rinpoche remains in good mood and health. He is eating well and regularly exercising by taking his early morning walks. He seems to have more energy and looks much healthier than before!

We request that all the students and Centers recite the “Praises To The 21 Taras”, a million times, from Sept 10th to Friday, Oct 10th, 2014. The prayers should be dedicated to the long lives of H.E. Choden Rinpoche and all of the Gurus of our Lineage so that they may continuously turn the Wheel of Dharma and benefit all sentient beings.

Please submit the Number of Recitations to ADC at:

With gratitude,
Geshe Gyalten
Taipei, Taiwan