Khensur Rinpoche recently passed away, and it seems that some really erudite masters of the Gelug tradition have recently passed away (the other being Denma Locho Rinpoche).

Khensur Rinpoche was a former abbot of Sera Je monastery, and spent many years teaching in the west. He is also the author of Transforming the Heart: The Buddhist Way to Joy and Courageand 3 other books about emptiness and mind training.

I remember attending a 2 week teaching with him on Emptiness, and before every session, he wrote on a pad of paper the teaching itenerary. What he taught was based off the students’ levels of understanding from the previous days. And this was a mixed group, made up of lay students, monks, and nuns. To do so with such a difficult subject and do so skillfully really shows how erudite he was. Even though he was deep into his 80’s, his mind was noticeably sharper than people in their 20’s-30’s.

Here is the recent message about his passing and practices that will be done for him:

Dear Friends, Brothers and Sisters

Very sadly we have to inform you that we heard that our former abbot (1982 to 1994), Khensur Rinpoche Geshe Jampa Thegshok, has passed away.
We will always remember his kindness and his inspiration to many students.

He once told a group of monks and nuns that he was very happy that he could teach for many years the whole Lam Rim to a group of monks and nuns at Nalanda, even though many were not monks anymore. He said it left a big imprint on their minds for many life times to come, and he was really happy they had the merit to have had these teachings.

Tonight, Wednesday, at 7 PM there will be a special Lama Choepa dedicated to Rinpoche at Nalanda; also Saturday at 7 there will be a Medicine Buddha Puja and Sunday at 7 PM another Lama Choepa on tsog day, again special dedicated to Rinpoche.

Kind regards,