Dzigar Kontrul Rinpoche talks about how to work with emotions, instead of reacting to them on automatic. He mentions:

As we develop a capacity to work with the mind in a mature way, we can discover how to relinquish the need to react, as well as the need to suppress our emotions through a sense of self-judgment. We can simply learn to watch our emotional responses from a detached perspective, which will achieve a balance between these two tendencies. Then we are no longer caught up in a puritanical view of ourselves, and we can also recognize the depth and complexity of these emotions. They are not black and white; they’re not as “solid” as we may have thought.

When you get rid of the grasping, the attachments, the rejection, while still keeping the sensations of feeling insecure, then the sensation can become very energetic all of a sudden. You start to feel an incredible sense of energy inside. Even though you began by feeling horrible, it’s almost as if you begin to feel like a mountain or a warrior—someone connected to the heaven and earth without becoming lost. The earth is solidly there, heaven is above you, and you are in between, present and upright.

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