Lama Zopa Rinpoche explains in short pith instructions, how to meditate on emptiness and to understand that the sense of “I” is merely imputed by the mind.

From the article:

If we can see the differences, then we’re able to distinguish between what is false and what is the truth in our life. With this realization or recognition, we don’t cheat ourselves and we aren’t deceived by these hallucinations. Otherwise, what we falsely believe is true is like a bad friend who we believe to be good and trustworthy, and then he cheats us.

We believe that all these appearances really exist. By clinging to them, delusions continually arise and we create karma, die and are reborn in samsara without end. We suffer in samsara without end. Meditation on emptiness is the path and it is the only way to directly cut the delusions, the cause of samsara. It is the only way we will be liberated from the sufferings of samsara.


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