Help my friend Ulrika from dying from severe untreated infections

Ulrika with one of her teachers

Ulrika, my friend for several years, has recently been diagnosed by German specialist doctors for severe untreated infections that she has had for several years. Unfortunately she needs money as soon as possible to receive treatments or she could die. A fund raising campaign was recently started for her. Here is a more detailed description of the situation:

Ulrika has been severly sick for the past 14 years since she broke her neck and 13 levels of her spine and had to undergo 12 dangerous spinal operations to survive and not become paralyzed.

9 years ago ulrika almost died during one of the major neck operations. As a result she developed several life long potentially deadly illnesses and her immunesystem also totally collapsed.

Ever since this, Ulrikas health has been deteriorating with new symptoms, sicknessses and new and increased horrible pain in the whole body occuring continously.

For the past 9 years Ulrika has been sent from one doctor to another. THey have been giving her new diagnosises and more medications – but no help.

Two years ago, as one organ after the other started to malfunction or shut down, Ulrika understood she would die if the real cause of what was happening to her body was not found. Despite being severly ill Ulrika has spent every day searching for help and answers.

2 weeks ago Ulrika finally found the answers to why she is dying. She contacted world leading infection doctors in Germany. Through major blood analysis they found that for the past 9 years Ulrika has slowly neen dying from tickbite viruses and bacterias and various malarikalike parasites and more. All the viruses and bacteria have been latent in her body but became active again since Ulrikas immunsystem was literally destroyed.

For the past 9 years those viruses, bacterias and parasites have invaded Ulrikas bloodcells, nervous system, spinal cord and brain, making her more and more sick and weak which in turn has made the viruses, bacterias and parasites stronger.

Ulrikas health has rapidly worsened during the last year and she will soon die if she does not receive urgent aggressive long term antibiotics treatment in Germany together with herbs to protect her organs.

It might sound unbelievable that she will not receive treatment in Sweden, but they have not even been able to diagnose her for 9 years as professors in Germany did with extensive blood tests within 2 weeks.

Ulrika is now too weak to wait years for any potential treatment and she is dying rapidly and very painfully. Her only hope to survive is now to receive several antibiotics and herbal treatment from Germany which will cost about 1000 US$ a month.

She will need to be under treatment for at least one year. This year will cost around 10 000 US$.



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Teaching a child five beneficial attitudes

In this interesting transcript of a teaching that Lama Zopa gave, he talks about the five beneficial attitudes of kindness, rejoicing, tolerance, contentment and forgivenss that can be taught to children. He mentions:

These five very basic attitudes are very important to keep in one’s mind. This is the cause of inner peace and happiness for your child, also to give peace and happiness in everyday life to others. In this way, wherever your child is, in whatever part of the world, he or she still brings happiness to so many sentient beings, human beings, animals, and all other beings.

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